Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Perth to Darwin - Days 37-39 - Katherine, Northern Territory

Departing Kununurra at 9:30 within an hour is was already 11:00 AM becuase of the time zone change.  So odd to once again be in a country to has a 90 minute change from one zone to another.  Our drive to Katherine today was really beautiful. We traveled through familiar rolling hills covered in trees and then into the gorges of the Victoria River. The termite mounds in some places were so close together and so numerous that they looked like old cemeteries.

Katherine is a bit bigger town with about 10,000 people...about the size of the town I grew up in and it looked a bit like central California as well, except for all of the palm trees.  The campground we selected was a bit out of town on the banks of yet another river we could not swim...crocodiles!  Since our plans changed along the way, instead of staying here for five days, we only stayed three.  The camp was sparsely populated...not filling up for the season for another couple of weeks.  We got a spot right next to the bathrooms, showers and BBQ.  A bit cooler made sleeping a bit nicer.  And fewer bugs...go figure.

We spent a day exploring this little town, driving south a bit into the bush.  It was hot and the pool back at camp was calling our name.  The following day we enjoyed a four our cruise up Katherine Gorge and swam in an awesome pool at the bottom of a waterfall.  

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