Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Perth to Darwin -Days 29-30 - Kicking Back in Wyndham

This sleepy little town used to be the capitol of the cattle export empire of the northwest.  There was a huge meatworks (that that they call a slaughter house in Australia), docks and a higly sophisticated port.  Today all of that is gone and what remains is a town of about 1,000 doing we are not sur what to survive...although in the tourist season it supposedly gets busy.

Our caravan park was full of shade trees and that helped to make the hot days more tolerable.  We went out twice to visit the local sites, this time of the year being the museum and the big croc.

 The museum was the old court house/post office/army office/restaurant/etc.  The moderate sized four room building had a really nice collection of the town hisotry.
 There was of course the racial atrocities.

 The Ord River meets up with four others in this place and even though is was the dry season it was pretty full.  We looked but did not see any of the saltwater crocodiles the area is known to have.
 In the city square were some interesting bronze statues of Aborginie nature.

 And of course the giant crocodile which is the centerpiece of the village.

 Just  before sunset we drove to the top of the rise and watched the sunset while looking out over the flood. plane.

 Pretty spectacular.

 At the end of our campground is the largest known Boab tree on private land.  This guy was over 2,000 years old.

We spent the next day totally in camp catching up on reaching and watched a few movies.  It was way to hot to be doing any drawing.  The park had a pool and that helped.

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