Monday, September 17, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Day 1 - Kathmandu

It was time to say goodbye to our home in Kathmandu.  After five weeks our apartment truly did feel like home and we will miss it a lot.  We are already talking about returning next year. .  We made good friends and some feel like family.  For our last night in the apartment we hosted a great celebration and invited our local family along with early arrivals from our travel club. We went out and gathered new supplies.

Denise made breakfast.
Ken cleaned
Bobbie did laundry
 And we cooked

Made fresh dumplings

And...nine other dishes.
 Our guests arrived...sweet Amrit really took to Ken and Denise.
Fenchy and Dave arrived and that was REALLY special.
George, Jo Ellen, Ursula and Hans came in a day early.

 What a super nice fellow.  We have adopted him...or maybe he has adopted us.
My lads!  The Silk Road Gang is back.  We are all wearing our new T-Shirts.

We all got up early, had a "clean out the refrigerator" breakfast, and then started straightening, cleaning, and packing up.  We were busy beavers and were ready to head out to our group hotel two hours early.  We hired a taxi to carry the luggage....the rest walked the few blocks to the hotel.  There we were pleased to meet up with Andi, Marie, Carol, and Rita.  Poor Rita arrived without her luggage.  After checking in we took them on a walk through the markets and souks.

The rest of the gang arrived early evening and together we ventured into the tourist sector and had a lovely patio dinner.

Our group hotel is the Hotel Ganesh Himal (named after on of the grand mountains) and even though Expedia and rate it at ONE STAR, as you can see it is far above that with stellar reviews and the absolute nicest staff.

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