Saturday, September 29, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Day 14 - Agra and the Baby Taj Mahal

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An early load up was followed by a FABULOUS five star buffet breakfast.  Then we hit the road for another long drive with Agra as our destination.  It was a hot drive as we crossed into the state ofr Rajistan...the beginning of the desert region of India.  Muslim communities became evident and there was plenty to keep our eyes busy along the way.
Herd of buffalo.
 Fort above a lake.
 Roadblock again.

 We stopped at a roadside dahba for lunch.  A lovely family run business...they all are...and we ate well. The owner took a few out back to meet his family and see his home.  Really sweet people.

 Approaching the highlands near Agra.

 Before checking in we visited the "Baby Taj.  This beauty was built before the Taj Mahal and it is said that the Taj design came from this small palace. The mosaics were fabulous.

We were pretty tired and settle into our really lovely guest house in the city center,  Rainboe Homestay was a real surprise since Dragoman had never booked them before.  Some more of Davey's magic....dinner on the rooftop closed out the night.

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