Monday, September 24, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Day 8 - Gorahpur to Varanasi

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What was a very busy and noisy city last night was quiet and empty at 5AM as we sped through the empty streets and into the countryside.  We stopped a few hours later for a Dahba breakfast.  The real thing with beans cooking on the fire, fresh baked chapati, and plenty of savory chai tea. 

The roadside fruit vendor got a bit or our buisness as we stocked up on bananas and apples.
We spent the rest of the day traveling 300+ kms to reach Varanasi by late afternoon.  The drive was bumpy over lots of potholes and through areas of serious construction.  Lots and lots of local villages gave us plenty too look at and stay busy.

We enjoyed another roadside dahba lunch.  The tree is call a "tepol" just like our favorite Enterprise character and is said to give off more oxygen than most.  It was magnificant.

The commercial truck are all individually decorated with gods and goddesses, critters, landscapes, and modern and geometric designs.  Quite unique.
We rolled into Varanasi late afternoon and were greeted by a posh, upscale hotel that used to be a maharajah's palace.  A nice treat after the BASIC hotel with no photos and the long, hot ride.  We will be here for two nights and two FULL days.  Yippee!

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