Sunday, September 30, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 16 & 17 - Jaipur

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We got an early start and arrived at our maharaja palace hotel mid-afternoon in time to enjoy the pool.  This was a grand place, built in the 19th century and full of antiques.  The rooms were older and well appointed and the air conditioning worked great.  There was a nice restaurant and all of the walls, both in the public and privatre areas were hand painted with Indian and Arabic designs.  Some of the gang joined Davey for street Tandoori chicken while the others dined indoors.

We met our guide Dhillipe in the lobby and via tuk-tuks headed over to the Wind Palace for a photo opp.  Our driver wore a crisp white traditional tunic and leggings.  Quite stylish.

Street barbers.
The Wind Palace, part of the City Palace with its beautiful carved windows and screens.

Our next stop was the Amber Fort.  We stopped at the bottom to change from tuk-tuks top jeeps instead of climbing the steps or riding elephants.
The main gate.
Assembling our group.
View from the terrace overlooking the village below.

The mosque.

Inner courtyard.  Notice the elephants.
Specatuclar inner rooms with finely carved details.

Frenchy and Andi.
Hall of mirrors.  Small mirror tiles embedded in the plaster and painted walls.  Stunning.

Crazy jeep parking lot waiting to take tourists back down the mountain.
Next up was the astrological observatory build in the 1700's.  All of the stone instruments work in precision detail.  Sundials, astrolabes, and sextants.

Later this evening many of us attended a showing of "Needle and Thread."a new Bollywood film at the famous Raj Mahir theater.  It was a great film, all in Hindi, and the cultural aspects and audience participation was exhilarating.  Our second night in the palace hotel was great as we prepared for our journey to Delhi in the morning.  We were not allowed to photograph the interior so here are some stock photos.

This is a poster of the film.  It was really a lot of fun and based on a true story.

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