Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Kruger Park - Part Two

We enjoyed our first visit so much that after Andi went home we decided to return for five more days.  This time we rented chalets at each camp.  We drove a full day to reach the southern border where we stayed outside of the camp for the night.  We chose a lovely B&B with the most charming hostess.  After breakfast, we headed into the park and stayed one night at Skukuza Camp, two nights at Olifants Camp, and one night at Sweingdezi.  It was great touring all of the parkland, even with the often torrential rains that came and went.  For five days we covered just about every dirt track there was on the map, dodged mudholes and fallen trees and spotted quite a bit of wildlife.  The lion and leopard evaded us this trip and we never got to see that rhino.

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