Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 24-25 - Jodpur

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Another massive fort and palace are the highlight of this city, named the blue city becuase of the color many of the homes are painted.  A huge palace was seen in the distance.

First stop was a lovely memorial garden and tomb of the Singh mogul kings.

This fellow was playing a traditional stringed instrument.  Soundly like a hollow bell. 
Next up was the fort, the palace within, and the musuem.

Here is seen many of the blue homes.

Interesting stairwell considering it was built in 1790.

We then walked down the mountain to the city clock tower and plaza.

And then finished the tour with lunch at another converted private home.

Our day ended with another swim, some time to relax and another great buffet dinner.  Tomorrow is going to be another long drive day and amazingly hot.

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