Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 21-22 - Jaisalmer

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Our drive today took us further into the Thar Desert to the city of isalmer, aptly nicknamed the yellow city because of the color of the stone used to build most everything.  Trees became sparse and miles upon miles shrub and stone were our landscape...and it was HOT.  We reached the city of Jaisalmer late in the afternoon and checked into a really lovely hotel...a former palace once again.  The rooms were beautiful and spacious and the pool topped off the day.  That evening we all enjoyed dinner on the roof overlooking the lit up fort on the mountain.

The fort is the centerpiece of the city and stands tall on the mountain with the city spread out all around it.  It is a relatively small city, less than 800,000 people and the fort is a living fort, meaning that there are homes and businesses inside as well as historic buildings and temples.

Our full day of touring included visiting the home of the former prime minister of India, a rather unscrupulous fellow that was assassinated.  His mansion is now a museum.

From there we walked to the fort and viewed a Jain temple.  Then it was free time for the rest of the day as we all went our separate ways shopping and touring in the heat.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a swim, a nice meal later in the evening and a good rest.

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