Monday, October 1, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 18-20 - Delhi - Hearts Full

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We got an early start and were on the road by 7:30 and headed to Delhi.  It was a great drive along mostly four lane improved highways...albeit the road construction still kept our average speed below 40  We arrived late in the day and transfer from where we were able to park the truck by tuk-tuk.  The hotel was a nice surprise...very upscale and right in the middle of the chaos.  We settled in, some enjoyed dinner in the hotel dining room while the rest ventured out onto the street for some South India cuisine.  Yummy.

For our first day out we walked to the metro station.  For a few it was their first metro ride ever and it was crowded and exciting.

We got off and wandered the streets toward the mosque.  We passed many vendors just setting up shop and a few cobra handlers...those we avoided.
The mosque was busy, we removed shoes, donned skirts and scarves and went inside.

A big and lovely building built along Uzbek-Bukara styling.

Next we took a tuk-tukl ride through some pertty crazy streets and alleyways to the spice market.

We wandered the market, had lunch in a great place serving paradas stuffed with various veggies and spices, and then climbs the stairs for a rooftop view of the area.

Next up with the Sikh temple where we were not allowed to take interior photos.  We checked our shoes and entered a peaceful, fully inclusive environment full of color, music, and warmth where men and women share the same space.  We toured the kitchen and dining hall where hundreded of people are given free meals daily.  Inspiring.

Our last stop was the national museum where we enjoyed a few hours of free time viewing the many exhibits in a beautiful air-conditioned building...ah...

That evening Frenchy took a few of us on a street food adventure.  Fresh fruit shakes.
Potato and lentil burgers.
Potato curry and chapati.
Batter fried veggies.
Our second day visited the Sanjay Colony.  A "slum" that does not deserve to be called that as it was clean, well organized and full of smiles and working people.  We were there for several hours touring the fabric industry, schools, clinics, and a few homes.  The children were cheerful and full of handshake and big smiles.  It was a great experience.  No photography was allowed but they did share their stock photos from a website.

The rest of the group took off in different directions and a few headed back to the hotel.  Inspired by yesterday's visit Frenchy and I sought out another Sikh temple were we ate in the community dining room and then offered out time and energy in the kitchen for a few hours.  Several hundred chapati later we left with a full stomach and even fuller heart.  It was a time I will never forget.

Early on our third morning we prepared for a long train ride to Bikaner and departed at 7:30 AM.

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