Saturday, October 20, 2018

Our Last Club Adventure - Days 26-28 - Udaipur

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Departing after breakfast we had a four hour drive to the Jain temple planned for today's midday actrivity.  We wandered off-road and through many small villages as the temple is remotely located from the main roads.  The following is a collection of what passeed before our eyes all morning.  We were also progressivly entered the hill country and although it was much greener, it was also amazingly reaching well over 102^F by noon.

We entered the temple area and had lunch at the temple kitchen.  It was an unusual sight seeing all of us westerners sitting with the locals for a charity meal...we of course paid for our food.

During our meal Amelia fell ill.  It ended up being heat exhaustion and she needed our attention.  A few stayed with her trying to lower her temp and get her to drink water.  After a couple of hours she was able to travel and we continued on to Udaipur.  Set among several mountains in a deep valley the city is surrounded by several man made lakes that capture rain water.  There are no rivers yet this city of 600,000 seems to have survived well over the past 800 years.
Our hotel for three days was the Hotel The Tiger, right on the lake front with lovely and comfortable rooms.  This stay would be our rest days as we did a bit of touring and got ready for our camping nights to follow in a few days.l

We ejoyed one full day of touring the lakefront, walking the streets, and then the magnificent city palace.

Built in stages by various kings between 1430 and today the city palace was spread out along the lakefront quite a distance and is actually five palaces in one.

Following our visit we went on a one hour cruise of the lake stopping on a sultan's island for something to drink halfway through the ride.

The day ended with a cable car ride to the top of a nearby mountain for an overview of the city below.  Free time followed lunch, a quiet afternoon, and a private dinner away from the group.

We woke early a a few went on a two hour horseback ride outside of the city.  Twenty minutes into the hills our ride took us through a few small villages, around a newly established water storage lake, and into the hills. The horses were lovely and a unique breed.

We rode back into town in a 1947 Mahinda jeep.  The owner also had a restored 1947 Willys, Too cool.
We rested the balance of the day ended a later supper and a walk through the village on the first day of the "dancing festival."

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