Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 6 - Craters, Highland Drive, Awesome Craters, Thermal Pipeline, Tomatoes and Cucumbers

A lazy morning was followed by a lazy drive up into the highlands again, this time following one of the hundreds of thermal pipelines.  Built pretty much the same as in Alaska, only carrying hot water, there were syesmic expansion joints, pump stations, and lots of hills and valleys.  Once again the lupines were everywhere providing a lavender blue carpet accenting the lava covered landscape.

The highlight of the day was a huge dormant volcanic crater.  We were able to walk the rim all around and descend down to the lake that has now formed at the bottom.  Lots of folks were there enjoying the site,

We continued on to the town of Fludir where we enjoyed our picnic lunch at the Secret Lagoon Hot Springs.  This is the first hot pool constructed in Iceland...a long, long time ago and it was busy.  Once again we were surprised by the entrance fee...$28 per adult for a soak in the 80^ water.  There has to be a more affordable option for a mineral bath.  We are NOT giving up!  An added bonus was being able to inspect the local greenhouses growing tomatoes and cucumbers.

We headed back to our Iceland home, stopping at the local grocer for supplies and beer.  We could easily get used to this...all knowing of course that in a few months this place will be covered in snow and ice for nine months and it will get really dark....on that we will pass!

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