Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 3 - Reykjavik

Having recovered from our jet lag we headed into downtown and the Visitor Center.  It was overcast and raining.  Downtown is lovely, very colorful and full of beautiful landscaped home gardens, parks, and lots of outdoor art.  Here's my favorite for the day.

The visitor center was pretty much a venue to sell tickets for day tours, whale watching tours, etc.  We picked up a few brochures and strolled around the waterfront.  The restaurants were interesting, lots of variety, and AMAZINGLY expensive!  A burger for $27 USD!!!

At a local restaurant was a theatrical show going on, actors in French aristocratic garb, and very amusing.  Two of the actors were in drag.

After a few hours of it raining pretty hard, we opted to go grocery shopping and head back to the apartment for some down time and planning our next adventure.

The Bonus grocery store chain proved to be fruitful.  The selection was great, the store was busy, and the prices were very good.  We purchased enough supplies for our first week for around 12,750 ISK or about $125 USD.

Back at home I looked up a recipe for the favorite chicken dish of Iceland and it appears to be a hearty chicken soup made with lots of veggies, garlic, and herbal tea  We sat back, stuffed our faces, and settled in for a quiet evening with some nice music thanks to Don's music library and Andi's Bose speaker.  Later we took a walk through the neighborhood.  Some of the thermal pipes were being working on so we got to see them up close.  They run throughout the city delivering volcanic heated water for bathing and heating.  Very cool.

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