Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Days 13 & 14 - Our Last Two Days in Reykjavik

Our last two days in Iceland were spent resting up and getting ready for the next leg of our odyssey. It has been a whirlwind of sightseeing, hiking, and driving.  We've covered pretty mcuh all of the major roads on the eastern side of the island...the ones you can take a rental car on anyway.  The below map shows our day trips.  For more detail on each drive simply go back through the last 14 posts.

We went to the theater to see Spiderman - Homecoming.  Along with the great film, we got to experience one of Iceland's grand cinemas.  This one was in a large, ultramodern shopping mall.  The digital electronic kiosks and futuristic design was compelling.  The overly large and curved LED screen in the lobby was amazing.  The seating was as you would expect and the movie was subtitled in Icelandic-that was distracting.  Humorously we all admitted to often paying more attention to the subtitles than the film...LOL.  We have been here a two weeks and are already starting to recognize words and their meaning. The price was outstanding as well.  We got the $15 film for almost half-price using the Senior discount.

On our last day we toured the Viking Maritime Museum - free to seniors - and walked around town a bit more.  The downtown are is quaint with lots of shops and restaurants.  Later that night we started the arduous task of repacking...this time paying very close attention to weight.  We don't want to get stung again with overweight charges. Interesting was the fact that we are now a bit lighter than when we started...and we haven't disposed of anything.  How can that be...smile.

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