Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day 9 - Making Our Way to Liverpool

We said goodbyrt to our sweet garden apartment and headed out on a short drive along the coast to the town of Conwy and its walled city.  The castle was part of the wall system and we spend some time exploring the towers and tunnels.  

There were great views of the village from many different viewpoints.

And just like back in Alaska, the boats all sit on the mud at low tide.

The dungeon.

Next we walked the walls and then descended into the village itself for a coffee and cake moment.

From there we drove a few miles to the resort village of LLandro and the Great Orme, a huge limestone mountain that forms the peninsula and is a national park.  Once again that glass roof proved amazing as we skirted the rock with it on one side and the surf on the other.

We stopped along the way and picniced out of the back of the car.  The views for lunch were awesome.  It was windy

We arrived in Liverpool and easily found our apartment.  This time we got an upscale unit in a complex complete with its own pond and fountain.

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