Wednesday, May 1, 2019

N. Ireland - Belfast

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We stayed in Belfast for three nights in a townhouse near the city center.  A 15 minute bus ride got us to the historic center where we enjoyed a long walking tour of the major historic locations.  Our guide was great, told some amazing stories about the "troubles of 1992-98" and shared a few funny ones too.  The city hall was an amazing building.  We will see a duplicate of it in South Africa when we visit next October.

Next we hoped on a tour bus for a riding tour of the city.  We wandered from over two hours and here are some of the interesting sites we saw.  We opted to not get off the bus since it had turned a bit rainy and we honestly were tired.

 The "Peace Wall"

For our next full day I enjoyed some alone time and the girls went back into the city center to visit the City Hall and take the free tour of the building.  It is quite a large building and houses a really huge Belfast history museum on the ground floor.  It was great to have some quite time and I actually started a new painting...something I haven't seemed to have time to get into since Andrea and Carol joined us.

We enjoyed a final night at home watching a few favorites.  By now we have indoctrinated Carol into watching all of our British and historical series as well as quite a bit of cops and robbers...and Sci-fi.  Who knew she was a Trekkie!

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