Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Scotland - Central Highlands

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Arriving back in Aberdeen after a calm and peaceful 12 hour ferry from the Shetland Islands, we enjoyed a late check out from the boat before heading into the Central Highlands in route to Inverness for our night stay.  Along the was we visited Balmoral Castle, summer residence of the Royal Family.  It was not busy at all, overcast but not raining too hard, and we spent a couple of hours in the ground, gardens, and ballroom.  |It is a grand castle, and since it is private property of the Royal Family, and still in use, we were not permitted to see any of the rooms.

Following out visit we headed further north to the Culloden Battlefield National Monument and spent an hour touring the exhibit.  It had turned cold and was raining so we did not venture too far out into the battlefield itself.  The center offered a great exhibit on the history of the battle and what it meant to Scotland.

We stopped in Inverness for another hour to wander the city city a bit, check out ah historic cottage, and stretch our legs.   Then it was another hour further north to a small village high up n the hills were we spent one night at a sweet Airbnb.

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