Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 12 - The Old Man Trail

Our friend John Poole lives in Ulverston, a small coastal town a few miles away from our cottage.  John and I have been friends since we met and spent four months traveling the Silk Road six years ago.  He visited us in Alaska three years ago.  We planned part of UK adventure to be able to spend time with him.  He arrived early this morning and after breakfast took us to his favorite trail head. The Old Man Trail in Coniston is a favorite with locals and travelers from around the world.  The trail goes pretty much straight up to the top of the Old Man, one of the Lake District's highest mountains. The 2,600 vertical climb took us three hours up and 1 1/2 hour down.

We are all pretty chipper going up.

This flower caught our eye.  Look at the two different blooms.

These bliue hydrangas were outstanding in a cottage we passed on the way up.

And then the climb began.

Lunch at the top.

A bit higher

Ater four and a half hours we returned to the village for a few ales before heading home.

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