Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 35 - A Theater Day on the West End


Today was a "ME" day and Bobbie particiapted.  We headed into the city for the National Theater Backstate Tour.  We were taken throiugh the Olivier and Dorfman auditoriams.  Huge and really cool stages.  We went backstage for an hour tour of the set and prop departments.  Enjoyed it throughly AND we now have tickets for a unique performance tomorrow night.

The tour included the new section of the workshops dedicated a few years ago by the queen.

One of the coolest things for me was seeing the revolving drum stage.  Here it is being constructed years ago and below all set up.  Make sure you watch the links to see how it works.  The elevator floor goes down five levels to store sets and such and is split into two parts so that one side and go up while the other comes down.  Watching it in action is quite an experience!

Here are the videos of it in operation:

National Theater Drum Revolve I

National Theater Drun Revolve II

After the tour we wandered around the South Thames Theater District, visited the street market for a bit of lunch, and then headed back home.

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