Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 15 - Glasgow Botanical Gardens, Cathedral and TWO Museums

 We started our Glasgow day early with a before hours arrival at the botanical gardens.  They open the gates an hour before the conservatories so we had a good wander around the grounds.  The pathway along the River Kelvin was lovely.  Once inside we were impressed with the architecture and the variety of plants. has been the did no rain any time we were outside...but poured whenever we went inside.  Once again the weather gods are favoring us!

 This bench was crocheted in memorium to someone who apparently loved the needle work and BIRDS.

 The river was very silty and had a lovely chocolate color.
That brough us to the cafe for a hot cup of really good coffee and a lovely attendant who engaged us in conversation for well over 30 minutes!

Reflecting mirror panels to create more like.  Ingenious.

Only two orchids in bloom in the entire facility.

Have never seen a "tree begonia."
From here we drove to the Kensington National Museum.  When we got there they had just evaculated the facility due to a "fire alarm."  We waited outside for a short time before they let everyone back in.  It is a grand old building and a typical natural history museum with lots of stuffed animals, etc.  They did however have a great art collection with some Van Gogh and there was a special Dali exhibit that was great.

 I know, I know...there are a few pounds creeping up on the waist.  I'm on it!!!

 Very impressive chandeliers in the main hall.
Absolutely fabulour Seurat.  Maybe my favorite so far.

This was grand and a bit eery.  Heads hanging in one of the atriums.

 Spectracular marble.  Zoom in.
The Dali.  Didn't have the heart to photograph the painting.  It was magnificent.

 Bobbie and I agreed that these chairs were awesome and may become a future project.

 The main tower of the University of Glasgow.  Wow!
Next we drove into the city to visit the cathederal.  On the way we spotted some really awesome street art.  This city is full of wonderful and creative visuals.

 Dr. Who???
 As usual the cathedral offered grand architecture, great stained glass windows.  Its unique feature was the underground church.  As soon as we were done it started to POUR.

 Our last visit was to the People's Palace,  Along the way we spotted this gem.

The Peoples Palace has been open since the early 1800's.  It offered a quiet and beautiful space where folks could come to relax, share ideas, and it has been a public forum for views and opinions from the start.

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