Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 18 - Holyrood Palace and Stirling Castle

Today we visited Holyrood Palace, one of the queen's summer residences.  It is a fabulous place.  The tour is all self-guided with an audio pod and it took us a little over two hours.  The courtyard is stately with beautiful flower beds.  The attached abbey dates back to 1100s and the palace to 1470.

Foutian in the middle.
The rooms are all used for state functions and were what you would expect.  The tapestries were amazing.
One fellow painted ALL of these portraits.  He averaged one a week and it took seven years.

The abbey was a ruin and still very impressive.

Beautiful gardens.

Next we drove out of the city to nearby Stirling and the castle of James V.

While the outside was impressive it is what was inside that really wowed us.  It has been fully restored,

These are carved heads in oak, then painted.  These are replicas.  The originals are later on.

I love ceilings.

38 of them.  Most still in great shape.

The lower courtyard and cemetery.
Castle wall walk.  It started to rain.

The kitchen was set up with food and servants.  Very cool and very busy.

Lots of tunnels and passageways.

And then this happened on the way back.  90' tall stainless steel horse heads.  And it stopped raining and the sun came out just in time.

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