Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 26 - Our Day in Stratford Upon Avon

We started off our day with a Hop-on-Hop-Off tour that took use around the city and surrounding countryside ans pastr most of the Shakespearean sites.  It is always a great way to see the city from a tour perspective and use the system again as transportation between the places we disembark.

The canal boats were all around the downtown area, some moored with full hookups and some for tourist day cruises.

 Our friendly tour bus for the day.

 The American Fountian, and gift from some American millionaire of the 1850's.

 Shakespeare Theater
 Great architecture.

 A wild city vendor fair...high end stuff at one end...and "not so high end stuff" at the other.

 Church street.

 The Dirty Duck Pub
Formerly know as The Black Swan.  A local actor hangout.
 Trinity Church and Shakespeare's gravesite.

 The River Avon.

 The oldest surviving building in a restaurant/bar and elementary preparatory school.  Great combo.
 Inside the Famous Chapel.
 The painting Will's dad was forced to cover up becasue it contained nudes...prudes.

 Shakespeare's New Place.  The location of his home back then and now a formal garden.

 Sweet views of the picturesque city.

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