Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 28 - The Cotswolds - R&R

Departing Stratford-Upon-Avon early, we had a destination of Moreton-in-Marsh but no specific route.  We headed due west and then started to wander the side roads through small villages and towns.  It was a beautiful sunny day and it was nice to have the windows down for a change.

In the Village of Tewkesbury we discovered a gem of an abbey, with magnificent stone columns reminiscent of Karnak in Egypt and stained glass windows that were stunning.  The marble carvings were spectacular.  We wandered the church and the small town, had a coffee and some cake at the tea house, and continued on our journey.'

This massive tree is a Birch.  I know, I had to look at the sign again myself even after George had found out the answer.
 Tewkesbury Abbey - 1260 AD. and still an operating church today.

 And...this spectacular modernistic window designed and installed in 1910,

 Look at the amazing carved stone canopy over this crypt.

 While we were wandering the church the organist sat down to warm up the organ and we got a 30 minute free concert!

 After our "tea" we wandered the street.  We all decided that this village gets the "cutness" award.

 We stopped by a supermart to load up on groceries for the next day and then found a spot in the nearby forest for a picnic.
We arrived in Moreton-in-Marsh.early in the day and discoverd our 1250 fairy tale cottage, complete with a gourmet kitchen and a super cool rain shower.  All nestled within the ancient and historic woodwork, plaster, and stone floors.  Two days of heaven.
 Our resident house mouse.
 Comfy seating.

 Three floors with baths on 1 & 3.
 A huge walk-in fireplace ready for the hog roast.
 Check out the stove!

Wlow and plaster lathe.

These two days were designed for R&R, taking care of personal needs, and getting the car ready to be returned in two days.

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