Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 20 - Part 1 - Aberdour Castle, Gardens and St. Finnan's Church

We departed Edinburgh early to include a full day of some really cool stuff.  We had earlier purchased the Historic Scotland Explore Pass.  We got the 7-Day pass since we figured it was the better value. In just the first two days we had already recouped our initial cost and with five days left to explore we planned to make the most of it.  Our first stop was a true gem.  Aberdour Castle.

The castle has both an intact section and a portion of the attached abbey that is in ruins.  The gardens were beautiful.

The pigeon roost is intact and sits at the far end of the garden.
The castle rooms have been restored.

This is an original painted ceiling.

The inside of the pigeon roost revealed some impressive architecture.

Apples were alive in the orchard.

However, the sweetest part of the complex was the 1250 St. Finan's Church.  A well loved local congregation has kept it alive for a very long time.

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