Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 22 - Fort George, Loch Ness and a Sweet Spot on the Canal

We departed Elgin and a really lovely Airbnb for our next destination on the grand lochs of Scotland.  In route we stopped at Fort George.  This is an historic army post of the Scottish Highlanders, their green berets, and an active army back to the early 1700's.  The battlements, buildings, Highland museum, and the ground were very interesting.

Soldier's barracks in the 1700's.
In 1860.
In 1910;  They seem to get less comfortable as time passes.



From there we drove through Inverness and to Loch Ness in search of that monster.  We picniced on a rock wall overlooking the lake.  No monster!

At the Loch Ness village we visited the museum-full of interesting boats, subs, and lots of "photos" of Nessie.
Since we werent' able to get a BnB near the lake, I found this bothy, a campsite remote cabin, on the locks of the canals between the lakes.  What a cool surprise this was.  It was barely 10' X 10', a\had two bunks, comfy mattresses, sleeping bags and towels, a wood burning stove, a fridge, two burner hot plate and a sink.  With that we sete to the task of making a mutli-course dinner.

Before we prepared dinner we set ourselves up along the canal, just 15'  in front of our cabin, and watched them open and close the locks for boats to pass through.

Potatoes in foil went into the fire, ribeyes got wrapped in aluminum jackets with mushrooms and onions (boy scout style), a fresh salad, peas and carrots on the stove, a soup of mussels, peppers and carrots started us off.  Pudding tonight was chocolate biscuits.

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