Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 13 - Suzdal to Vladimir - Trans Siberian to Ninsky Novgorod and. goodbye to Beloved Family

SORRY...NO PHOTOS...We got another late start; plenty of time to check paperwork and prepare for a busy and involved day. A short druve took got us to the ancient capitol of Russia, Vladimir. There we were met by out local guide Malina who eloquently shared with us the highlights of her city. 

First up was a stroll around the high ground of themain  cathedral with stunning views of the river and vast forests to the east. The catherdal was just finishing Sunday services so we were allowed in to view the candle lit atmosphere, the scent of incense wafting through the air. It was yet another unique experience. 

We continued ou rstroll in 40^ light rain viewing a stunning small church from 1111. Walking back through the park we boarded our bus for a short ride to the golden gate. 

The Golden Gate is an arch, 60m tall and a steep climb up the stairwell brought us to the exhibit room where we viewed an awesome three dimension diorama done in perspective. A recorded presentation in English with special lighting brought to life the story of the Tartan seige of the city, the valiant effort to hold them off, and the ultimate victory that saved the city and gave the gate its name. 

Next up was the museum of Crystal and Applied Artswhere  we viewed beatiful examples of Russian lacquer, needlework, and blown and cut glass. 

We bade goodbye to our guide and went on a two mile walk across grassland to view yet another very old church. Some road traditional carriages across the plain. 

Lunch was in an elegant banquet hall before boarding the evening train to Nitsky Novgorod. Upon arrival wewere  transferred to our hotel for the evening. Tonight and tomorrow would be a no Wifi zone for most.

We said goidbye to Don, Dianna, and Aleana. It may be a while before we see them sgsin snd we enjoyed one last family dinner together.  Plans were made for Christmas  2018 in the Balkans.  

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