Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 6 - A Very Full Day in Moscow

We met our guided and headed out fir an extendivevtour of the Misciw Kremlin. The lines were long to get in but it all mived fsirly fast. President Putin's office and the highe offices of state are within the walks so security eas tight. Once inside we marveled at the magnificent buildings, churchrs, statues and monuments. 

Cathedral of the Assumption. 

We entered the Armory State Museum to view artifacts, costumes, and carriages. Supetb architecture. 

Roayl carriages and sleds. 

Crown jewels. 

Cool armour. 

Gold and jeweled bibles. 


We enjiyed lunch in a touristy and lively restaurant before heading into Red Square. A life goal realized!!!

Lenin's Tomb

St. Basil's Cathedral. The cathederal is realky misleafing as inside is one small room after anither. It was very clautrophobic

We boared a luxury river biat and ssuled the Misciw River into sunset. We drank, danced and lived the views. It was a soectacular sunset. 


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