Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 26 - Helsinki - Islands, Churches, and a Museum

Our group activity day included a trip out to the historical island fortress and museums.  We left the prisom for the ride was 15 minutes by ferry across the harbor.  Today was our first hint of our approaching winter and we were all prepared with the clothing we have been lugging around for months.

The arctic pools at the harbor with lots of swimmers....brrrrrr!

Restaurants dot the small islands of the harbor, each with their own little launch to ferry guests back and forth.  The launch comes with the dinner.  Smart...

Once on the island we roamed the fortress and museums.

About 1,000 people live on the island...

The military musum and visitor center.

Finnish Submarine on display.

We took the early afternoon ferry back to the market square and wandered the market.  Fresh and smoked fish propped up on the stern of fishing boats, moored at the harbor, and open for sale.

We visited the inside of both churches.

Guards outside the president's home.

We ended out day at the Finland Museum.  Sure looked like an Alaskan museum on the inside.

Except for the throne and royal stuff of course.

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