Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 8 - Another Guided Day - Shopping and Art

Alexy anf Irina, our guides got us on the toad early andrhen into Moscow morning traffic. Whoa!!!  What should have been an hour ride out to the burbs turned into over two. We reached "fairyland," otherwise known as Izmailevo  it was built in the 1990's ad a toutist attraction and had a tourist market full of nested dolls, fur hats, and souvenir junk. Just whst the doctor ordered.  The girls descended like circling vultures and the guys headed over to the four star hitel to wait out the storm.  

Ninety minutes later with full shopping bags, we boarded the bus for snother bout with Miscow's wheeled menaces. We finally arrived at the National Gallery where we ate a traditionsl lunch in a four star cafe. 

Our gallery tour was exceptional viewing works from thr Russian Renaissance to modern times. We saw works never displayed in the USA.  Some were exceptional. 

And my favorite...

On the way back we got off the bus in the shopping district and made a successful final attempt at winter shoes. This would be our last chance before heading out into the country...and we scored!!!

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