Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 5 - St. Petersburg to Moscow

We enjoyed a quiet and restful mornimg with a departure to the train station just before noon. We saidgoodbye  to our lovely guide, Anastasia, who was absolutely superb during our St. Petersburg itinerary. 

We boarded an ultra-modern, super fast Sanspan highspeed  train and settled in for a spectacular ride across Russian farmland and forest.  The service was pleasant...although we were asked several times by the conductor to lower our voices.  

We arrived in Moscow Central Station shortly after 5:00pm and just as before, were met by a charming guide and transferred to our hotel. 

Denise and Nettie joined us here and our group was complete. That having been accomplished, we gathered later in the evening for a cocktail party and dinner after. Another big day awaits us tomorrow.


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