Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 23 - An Amazing Second Touring Day in Stockholm

Once again we wandered down to the main transportation square passing this anti-handgun sculpture.  How approprate considering the gun violence in Las Vegas yesterday. Sad.  
Our ride on the tram system brought us to the Nordic Museum where we toured various displays of Swedish life through the centuries.  A beautiful building and some really nice artifacts.

Fabulous crewelwork.

Of course...

Rick and Frenchy checking out a bit of sunshine.

Holiday tables through the centuries.

Around the corner was the Vasa.  A 1700's warship that made if 100m from its first launch before capsizing in the bay and being hidden for 359 years in the mud.  It is 98% original.  Restored to perfection and was the highlight of our day.  Wow!

We ended our day at Skansen Outdoor Museum touring the various building brought to the site and rebuilt.  It was chilly, the end of the season and we had the park pretty much to ourselves.  We spent the better part of four hours in the park before calling it a night.

An Arctic zoo...


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