Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 19 - The 16th Century in Siberia

We departed early for a two hour drive north through what could have been the Parks Highway in Alaska. Tall birch and spruce or pine lined the two-lane highwsy as we wound through small farms, open fields, and small mining and industrial communities. We drove through the city where Tchaikovsky was born-a hamlet of 30,000- then crossed several rail lines. During the Cold War this area was famous for itstank  and artillary factories, airplane manufacturing, and this is where Rusdia built their nuclear weapons. 

Winter is upon us now with snow flurries and brisk wind. It was warm in the bus until we reached Nizhnaya Sinyatchiha, a small Siberian village for an extensive tour of the Museum of Wooden Architecture and the Transfiguration Church. 

There we were met by 25^ -COLD-and a charming local guide. "Oh no, not another outdoor museum," was quelled quickly as we toured a beautiful simple church museum with fabulous painted parts of farmhouse walls, shuttters, doors, and furniture as part of the exhibits.  

Outside we wandered thegtounds. This collection of buildings were rescued by one man who made it a life's work to relocate and renovate these beauties...and once again our experience was unique and fullfilling. 

A warm lunch of local cuisine was followed by a sleepy ride back to the city and a free evening. 

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