Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day 23 - Novosibirsk

Novisibirsk (New Siberia) is the third largest city in Russia. A bit more than 1.5 million people live here and it is a huge scientific center for both technology and education-Nuclear Physics, IT, Engineering, Medicine, Geology, etc. It is home to Russia’s fourth largest  university that is considered one of the world’s top twenty. 

We are now one-half way across Russia-3,000 kms from Moscow and the same distance yet to go until reaching  Vladivostok-and still amazed by the large, highly developed and modern cities...and ALL THESE PEOPLE!!!

Our first stop was at the archeological museum to view several ethnological exhibits.  The most exciting was of the iceman and icewoman found in north central Siberia. Over 2500 years old, their remains were remarkably preserved/clothing, hair, skin with numerous tattoos, jewelry and rituals items. 

Our museum guide was bright and informative, offering both proven snd hypothetical explainations. In addition was another room depicting cultural elements of several indiginous tribes-costumes, crafts, household items. 

Next we toured the open air train musrum with rail cars dating back to 1900...all from the trans Siberian line. Although pretty darn cold outside, it was great to see various passenger cars, a mobile hospital from WWII, and a prison car. The steam locomotives were grand. 

Next up was the opera house. The largest in Russia accommodating over 2,000, it was built in the late 1800s in the Russian federal design. Recently renovated, we toured several kevels before settling into seats in the main theater to watch the rehearsal of the last act of premiers in a few days. 

Lunch was at a traditional Russian restaurant followed by a tour of the city sights including the trans-Siberian raikway memorial and hustoric bridge as well as the Uzbek farmers market. 

Our even dinner wss in a tuaga themed restaurant where we dined on deer soup and a fillet of Siberian Stag. REALLY GOOD. 

Back to the hotel we oacked our hags, said goidbye to Nettie and Denise who return home on Friday, and departed for the train station at midnight. 

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This is so awesome. Love how you travelling your dreams. Dawn