Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 16 - the Island Village of Sviyazhsk

We started off a bit later with a stop at the "cathedral of many religions."  The unique private project if one man, the structure had over twenty spires of varying desin, pyramids, buddhas, and even an alien soaceship. It has recently been damaged by fire so we could only view the exterior and it was worrh the stop. 

For the next hour we crossed the Volga...agaun...and headed further west to Sviyazhsk, a small island fortress surrounded by water ftom three rivers.  On the island we saw two monasteries, their cathedrals, high walls and a small village of tenivated houses and shops. It was a nice departure from the busy cities and a chance to see some countryside. 

We returned to the city to gsther our bags...they are growing in size and number!  Our train departed at 8pm. Party started at 8:01pm. 


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