Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 1 - The Club Arrives - Capitols of Norther Europe and Scandinavia

Today was a transfer day in so many ways.  We transferred from traveling as a group of four to growing to eight and then ten.

We departed our lovely high rise flat on Rue des Morillons and used the tram system to get up from the southwest side to our new hotel on the far northeast.  It took us about two hours and a few transfers.  The system runs both smoothly in comfort as well as schedule.  The trams are new and clean and pleasant with big windows and modern digital displays.  Fool proof, truly.

We arrived at our suite hotel around noon and checked in.  A pleasant staff, efficient, and lovely, very clean rooms with great kitchenettes.  Fully equi[pped, we new we were set, at least for another six days.

We headed out to shop for supplies for ourselves and for the group.  Tomorrow we plan to have a picnic lunch on the steps of the opera house.

Well stocked, we settled in for a quiet night with a group meeting in the evening.  We met Carol, Virginia, Rita, and Marlene and made plans for the next day.

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