Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 15 - A Very Full Day in if the Rest Haven't Been....

We got an early start with a morning walk to the train station where we got our Copenhagen City Passes.  Like most other central stations in Europe, this one was a renovated beauty with great brickwork and wonderful exposed roof beams.

Once on the street we were greeted by the bike lady who predicts the weather for the day.  If she is out, the weather will be clear...i.e. great for riding a bike.
 We strolled back the national theater in route to the harbor.  There we boarded a canal boat for a cruise through the city.  Like Amsterdam, the city is laced with canals that connect to the harbor.

An interesting art project using life vests tucked into the window openings.

The opera house.

The Copenhagen incinerator for waste.  They are so good at recycling that they have to import waste from other countries to burn, thus making the incinerator pay for itself.

A light boat.
The famous little mermaid statue.

The city brewery.

King's palace.

House boats.  You know we were all over these.

Very low bridges.
Wonderful new architecture.
Another low bridge.

After the cruise we visited the Royal Palace/Parliment building.  The tower is majectic with the crown on top.

The unicorn tower.

We got a chance to see the royal stallions.  Relative of the Lipizzaner of Spain.

We climed to the top of the tower...elevator to the top then about 50 more steps.  Great views.

Another grand tower.

Tom used the women's bathroom once again.  Such definance!!!

Stairwell down to the ground floor.
The ruins of the first castle found during an excavation of the current castles basement.

The royal reception rooms.

The hall of the giants.  Viking gods holding up the ceiling.

Her royal majesty at 80.  Fine looking lady.
Royal theater.  Great costumes and a history auditorium.

The royal stables and carriage collection.

Lunch at a local pub.  Great burgers.

The National Museum

The Round Tower and church.

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