Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day 3 - The Loire Valley - A Birthday Bike Ride and the Leonardo da Vinci House

This morning was George's birthday.  We rented bikes from the campground and took off an a 20K ride through small villages and farmland.  It was early and the day was cool with bright skies.

A small church dating back to 1050 AD/

We stopped along the way to pick some wild blackberries.  Ivan is going to make a syrup for our wine later.

We returned to the mobile park and had lunch, then headed out to visit the French home of Leonardo da Vinci where he lived and worked until his death.  The city house was a fortified mansion built by Francois I, a friends and benefactor of the artist.  WE wourted the home and the garden.  His bedroom.

The master's workshop and stuido.

This is the first mechanical car designed by Leonardo.  I never knew he did one.  There were also rooms full of his other inventions and models.  It was a touch and feel wonderland.
The gardens are vast and full of out buildings, gardens, fountains, and lush vegetation.  Leonardo is said to have gotten inspiration of his last three years in this place.

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