Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 6 - Paris - Our Last Day. EVERYTHING ONCE MORE!!!

For our last day in Paris we planned a whole day with our kids taking then to our favorite spots and enjoying a few new ones.  It was a huge day.  We started with a funicular ride to the top of Monte Marte to visit Sacre Coer and enjoy the views.

A really spectacular day...
The artist mart.

The Dali Museum.

We wandered the streets.  Went to the Picasso to discover it closed and then had lunch in a small street side park.  From there we traveled back to the Eiffel Tower.  Along the way we saw this portable elevator used to life furniture from the street up to the high floors.
We got a few more photos of the tower before going down into the sewers.  That was both a smelly and interesting tours.

Next up we took a boat cruise up the Seine.  It was a nice and different perspective of all the stuff we have seen from ground level over the past three weeks.

One more photo of the tower, the a train ride to the wine caves.

Sneaking a snack in the metro.  Almost got caught.  Bad kids!!!
An awesome upscale tour of the wine caves below the Louve.

A long walk from the Louve to the Arch d'Triumph.  Four miles.

Eating snails at a pissy little restaurant behine Cartier and Tiffany.  Kids picked up the tab.
A Citreon beauty from the past.
The arch.  We went all the way to the top for magnificent views of the city.  First time in weeks we have been awake after dark.  LOL.

600 steps up and down.  Woof.

Memorial and eternal flame to the fallen.

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