Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 18 - A Full Day in Oslo with a Special Friend

The gang headed out early today for an Oslo adventure.  Kristin was our guest guide and we had an awesome day.

Our first stop was in true Viking style as we visited the Viking Ship Museum to see the finest example of an ancient Viking Ship in the whole world.  And what an amazing museum it was.

The ship is massive and with viewking platforms in all directions, we got a really good look.  This ship was found in a burial mound in northern Norway.  There were two distinguished Viking women buried in it.  Wow!

This was a burial tomb in the ship.
Gifts for the gods in there afterlife.

And...then above the artifacts, this awesome film.

From the Viking ship we toured the Nordic Folk Outdoor Museum.  Most of the ancient structure we closed for inside viewing but the day was lovely and it was fun to wander this huge "village" of really great buildings.  The displays in the musuem were fun as well...shades of Alaska and Arctic everywhere.

Check out the painted everything in the guest cottage from the 1500's.

Next up we boarded the ferry across the bay and back into town.

Opera house.

We visited the castle and fortess.  Sadly it was under restoration so we weren't able to break down the doors.

However the guards were out in full regalia.

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