Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 16 - Our Last Day with Susy Ends in Copenhagen...a Great Two Weeks with our Girl!!!

Today was a free day for our friends to explore on their own.  It was also Susy's last day of the trip.  Poor girl had to go back to work.  We left the hotle early and walked the lake and then some city streets window shopping.  We stopped in at a Danish furniture store to marvel at the great design. 
Nice kitchen setup. NOT IKEA.
Cute wooden ducks with hiking boots.

Public toliet.
Awesome building.

Hans Christine Anderson House...lots of fairy tale history.

Sculptures in front of city hall.
A train ride out to the aquarium.
Interesting park bench.
AWESOME building.

Sea otters from ALASKA!!!
Bugs and snakes in the tropical river exhibit.


Odd fellow.

Huge walk through tanks.

We had lunch in the and chips of course...and then got on the bus back into town.  We passed by some pretty amazing buildings.

From there we got on another train and headed out to the Carlsberg Brewery.

16,819 bottles of beer on the wall...16,819 bottles of beer!  We took one down, passed it around....

Norweign maiden mashing grain.  That must have been a very good year.


Great horses!!!

At the end of the day we headed back into town, enjoyed a nice fairwell dinner and hugged her goodbye.  On to Oslo!

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