Sunday, September 10, 2017

Day 9 - Light, Camera, Action...Picasso and Tomb of the Kings

Our last day on our own, we decided to take in some of the more unusual offerings from the Paris Visite Pass.  This is one of the great metro stations.  Recently renovated with alphabet tiles.

The fmous Rex Theater and an interesting backstage tour.  It was really fun.

We even were in a movie!!!
The Picasso Museum.
The Olga Exhibit.  Numerous works with his first wife as the main subject.

I never realized that his was classically trained.  Wow.

The house was a classic.  A formal city mansion, then a famous hotel, and now the home of the largest collection of Picasso in the world.  Amazing.

One of my favorite sketches.

He was a sculptor as well.

Under to roof of the top floor.  Amazing joinery.

His private collection of work from other artisits.

From the Picasso we left the city again and headed out to St. Denis and the tomb of the kings.  In this catherdral are the grave of most kings of France before 1800.

Very odd.  The tomb of Francois I is shared by his son, not his wife.  And both of the reclined statues on the top of the graves are fully nude.

Tomb of Catherine de Medicci.

Very odd contemporary art project of immigrant women.  The pictures are meant to show a life left behind.  A bit creepy, especially since there were twelve of them all lined up in the alcoves of the crypt.

When they excavated under the cathedral they found graves dating back to 500 AD.  Interesting.  It was a graveyard before it was a church.

And then some beautiful stained glass windows to end the tour.

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Gorgeous and very educational...thank you for doing these blogs and sharing your journey with all of us.