Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day 5-6 - Taking Care of Business, a Great City Bus Tour, and Top of Paris

We decided to kick back a bit and enjoy our tenth floor apartment and the views.  We took off early in the morning to pick up our Paris Visite Passes and Metro Links.  It took us five hours of wild goose chasing to finally find an office that was open and that could process our vouchers.  The first two places were closed as it was the end of August.  It owuld have been nice to have been notified.  They knew our dates.  Ugh.  We also sent off some important papers by DHL. We enjoyed a nice family dinner at the apartment and said goodbuy to Ivan who was to depart in the morning.

The next day we gathered our gear for the day and decided to take the Hop On Hop Off bus tour of the city.  They run two routes and it is a great way to get a overall view of things to come.  The bus was great as usual, a lively and entertaining audio commentary guided us around the city.

The River Seine and its many bridges.

Notre Dame

Soem fun stuff in the sidewalk vendor booths.
They love Katy Perry.

The Concierge.  The main police department.

Napolean's Tomb.
Canal Boats.

National Assembly.

Paza de Concorde and the obelisk they took from Egypt and refused to give back.

Champs Elysees.

Arc di Triomphe.
We enjoyed rooftop seats of course.

The Petit Palace.  Once a palace and now an art gallery.
Alexander Bridge.

The tower.

Hotel des Invalides.  The Army Museum.
We got off the first route and had lunch in the city at a sidewalk cafe. Along the way we saw what they do to illegally parked motorcycles.  Yikes.  The fines and retrieval fees must be astronomical.

Plaza du Vemdome and the Ritz.
Electric rental cars.  Just like the bikes.  Only a bit more expensive.

The Montmarte district.  Lots of theater and porn shops.

Gare de Est.  Another grand train station.

Another of Napolean's ceremonila arches.  This time on the northern entrance to the city.

The Garnier Opera House.
Then we headed over to the Montparsse Tower for some outstanding views from teh 59th floor.

A glass of champagne at the top and then a metro ride home.

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