Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 5 Paris - The Louve, St. Sulpice, Parthenon, Sainte Chappele, and Notre-Dame

We got an early start and were at the Louve a bit before opening.  The lines were laready forming.  It was a grand morning, four hours of roaming this magnificent museum.  Enjoy our favorites.

Our beautiful kids and a selfie with the lady.

We enjoyed another picnic lunch, this time sitting around the reflecting pool in the gardens.  KFC was on the menu...a bit of Americana.  Next we took the metro to St. Sulpice Cathedral.

We walked through Luxemberg castle's gardens.

And finally to the Parthenon.  This is Paris' huge memorial to all of its heroes, authors, artisits.  Tombs of Volatare, Hugo, Descartes, etc.  It was huge and magnificent.

We verntured further to visit the Sainte Chappele and its amazing windows.  Wow!

The blues were incredible.

And FINALLY Notre Dame.  There was a special ceremonial mass going on to install the new chaplain of the military and the place was a mob of uniforms and finely dressed folks.

After wading through the crows, we visited the Roman ruins in the crypts below the church.

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