Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day 4 - Another Birthday, the Chateau du Chambord, and a return to Paris

Today was Tom's birthday and also our last day in the Loire Valley before heading back into Paris.  Ivan only had a few days and it was great to spend time with him before he heads back to the Pyrenee's where he is currently living close to the Spanish border.

For our last visit we chose the Chateau du Chambord.  The most fabulous of chateaus in the Loire Valley.  And we were not disappointed.  Being a Monday morning, it was quiet and there were not a lot of tourists.  We parked near the entrance and enjoyed a three hour visit with audio guide.  The palace is massive with a unique collection of fairytale towers.

The main rooms are all accessible and furnished.  Lot of amazing art and tapestries on all of the ways.

This is the famous double-helix staircase designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

This is a massive ceramic heating unit.  Hot coals were burned inside and it was more effective than fireplaces.
A room designed for Marie Antoinette.  She never used it.

The king's chamber.  He never used it.

Stairwell to the chapel.

Throne room.

A modern art exhibit on the third floor.

My favorite.  Such depth in black and white.
Incredible views of the gardens form the rooftops.

At the end of our tour we enjoyed a picnic before driving back to Paris.

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