Saturday, November 11, 2017

A "Seoul-ful" Farewell Dear Friends....our Last Night Together

Tonight marks our 465th day on the road and a farewell to our grand traveling companions.  Tonight we celebrated our travels.  For most, this trip started in Paris back on September 6th.  For George it was in Iceland on July 6th.  Wow!  Tomorrow seven will return home and our group shrinks to five...and a new chapter begins.

We got together in the hotel dining room for a steak dinner and grand buffet with unlimited flowing draft beer.  We laughed and reminisced about our travels, the people we met, and the sites, sights, and cites we encountered.

Here's to our gang...

Tom and Bobbie - Group Leaders

 Marlena - The "Reasonable One"

 Virginia - "The Best Ever Gal"

 Rita - "The Cleanest Dirty Mind Around"

 Jo Ellen - "The One Everybody Had a Crush On"

 Frenchy - "The Happy Girl"

George - "The Normal One" 

Verena - "The Serious One" 

Andi - "The Mean Sister" 

 Marie - "The Feminist"

Carol "Skippy" Ross - "The Nice Sister"

John - “The Englishman”

Departing Early:  Rick, Dianna, Don, Aleana, and Susy

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