Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day 32 - Our Last Cold Day in Siberia and the VERY VERY LONG Train Ride

 For our last day in the Buryatian Republic we visited another outdoor wooden museum.  It was 10^ outside, yet the bright sun and lack of a breeze made it feel actually warm.  This time the buildings reflected the culture of the local people, the old beleivers, and some pre-historic stone age and iron age tribes.  The bark and skin covered teepees were interesting and there was a small zoo with a few unusual animals.  We saw a raccoon-dog, a red-spotted deer, a Bactrian camel and a couple of Siberian tigers.  The animals looked well-fed and cared for although they were housed in very small cages and that was sad. 

We made it back into the city in time for lunch on the top of the hotel in the revolving restuarnat.  That was a special treat enjoying a really nice upscale lunch with a view of the city below.  We made almost a full 360^ turn before it was time to depart for the train station.  A quick stop at a local market filled up our picnic basket with supplies for the three-day train ride to the Pacific Ocean.  We boarded the train mid-afternoon, settled into our first class cabins, enjoyed dinner in the dining car, and settled in for our first night.

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