Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day 25 - Getting to Know Irkutsk

Our guide Elena met us this morning at the trsin ststion and checked us into our 4^ downtown hotel. After an ekabirate werkend buffet brunch we enjoyed sn overview tour  of the city. We viewed seversl of the city highlights before returning to our hotel for a laxyafternoon and evening. 

The tour immersed us in the city’s history in the museum of Irkutsk where we virwed great exhibits starting with prehistoric settlement to today’s modern 609,000 populated city of industry and commerce. 

Next we viewed the religious culture within in the Omen Monastery (Znamensky Convent), the only one left in the city. There lies the revered graveyard where ancient Decembrists are buried. 

The spiritual nature of the city continued with a visit to the most exquisite church of Irkutsk, the Kazan Cathedral. 

We finished our tour driving along the main street of Irkutsk, the Karl Marx Street, to reach the Angara River Embankment. Here we saw the monument to Alexander III. 

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