Sunday, November 5, 2017

Day 30 - Back on the Train - 8 Hours to Ulan Ude and Mongolia

We said goidbye to our dear Elena and boarded the Trans-Siberian once again for another 800 kms on to Ulan Ude. We traveled parallel to the Mongolian border for eight hours. First along the western shoreline of Lake Baikal, then eastward over Mountains and through lush pine forests, we chased the sun as we neared snother time zone. 

The stsndard TS fare of “chicken in a cream sauce served over rice” arrived late afternoon. A warm tummy shut our eyes a bit as the snow grew heavier on the quickly passing ground.  What awaits us ahead we wondered. 

We arrived around 8pm, were greeted by our escort and shuttled to a lovely tourist hotel where a great hot meal was waiting on the table.  Salad, soup, main course snd dessert. We are now used to being over fed.  Oncr in iur rooms we settked in to rest up for tomorrow’s very long and involved day!

Star Trek Discovery Episode 6!!!  Great wifi—spoiled we are indeed!!!

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