Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day 7 - Geong Ju Silla Burial Mounds, Grottoes, and Temples.

In Geongju we stayed once again at an ondol.  This one was ultra nice with new construction and a great bathroom.  The owner was accommodating and our location was right next door to the Tumuli Park of grave mounds.  The mounds are of the Silla Dynasty, over 900 years old and each mound, being about 30 to 60 feet tall is a tomb.  We wandered the park for about an hour marveling at the 32 different mounds in just this one small area.  The whole town has over 500. 

From there we took a taxi to the top of a nearby mountain for a walk to the grotto where a manificent Buddha is in residence.  The colors of fall were everywhere.

Fresh and cold mountain water.

We each took a turn at the gong.

Then it was down the hill to the Bukasa Temple and gardens.  Wow!

We ended our day roaming the myriad of shops and markets.

Giant pear apples... 75 cents each.
Huge thick stem mushrooms.

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