Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 39 - Seoul by Foot - LOTS OF PHOTOS

We are finally back online, having left the Russian Federation and concerns about being hacked.  No offense of course to our new Russian friends... it simple is what it is.


Today we met our charming local guide, Ginny.  She is delightful, friendly, and overly accommodating.  Just what our group needs after such a long trip.  She will be with us for two days.

We started off using the Metro system to get to the Royal Palace.  It is a huge complex of historic buildings, many dating back centuries.  The most used of them are newer...say 1800's and all have been renovated since the Korean War in the 50's.  The place was busy with lots of activity, tourists, locals, young women dressed in traditional costumes...many which we later learned are only rented for the day to enhance their visit to the city.

We wandered the complex, visited the ethnographic museum.

Next we took to the streets for a long meandering walk through first the business district to see modern buildings, then into the alleyways for shops, local treats, and a grand Korean lunch at a traditional restaurant.  Most of sat on the floor and ate until we burst.

Following lunch we wandered the older part of town, visited the Buddhist Temple and its amazing flower celebration.

We ended our day with a walk through the hanoks of the Ankok District, and then made our way back to the hotel.  It was a grand first day,.

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